We support barrier-free homes where you can live comfortably and safely.

People living with the effects of Thalidomide have many health-related problems that create challenges in daily life. It is impossible for people with short arms or legs to get into a regular bathtub or cook in a standard kitchen. This is where the Grünenthal Foundation for the Support of Thalidomide-affected People finds ways to simplify daily processes – and improve quality of life.


The Grünenthal Foundation supports thalidomide-affected people sustainably and quickly in improving their individual living situation.

Through many discussions with people affected by Thalidomide, as well as with relevant associations, we have learned that individual mobility and a barrier-free home are key factors in enabling a self-determined life. For this reason, we provide financial support for renovations that make living spaces barrier-free. Some of our other main support fields include measures to enable independent driving and accompaniment on activities outside the home, such as travel.

Our support measures do not lead to any financial disadvantages for applicants regarding other payments such as the Thalidomide pension. We provide support in the form of benefits in kind. This means that we do not make direct payments to affected people, but we pay the service providers’ costs. We focus on quick and unbureaucratic assistance.

Since it was created, our foundation has already helped affected people in over 4,500 cases worldwide. Our individual assistance measures expand on the assistance provided through other supportive measures.

Our assistance is available to you if you were affected by a Grünenthal product and are recognised as such by the Contergan Foundation for Disabled People.

If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail or phone.


Request individual funding.

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In addition to international funding, we support Thalidomide-affected people with individual solutions. We seek to understand your individual needs and provide you with assistance where you need it most. The core of our work consists of providing aids that make life in your own home easier, promote contact with other people, or enable you to carry out your professional work activities. We are always open to your questions and suggestions. Feel free to contact us.
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In addition to existing financial assistance, people affected by Thalidomide can receive the following support from us:

Kitchen and bathroom renovations

We all want a home where we feel safe and comfortable. However, living spaces are not usually designed for the needs of people with disabilities. We support you in adapting your living space to your individual needs.
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Vehicle conversions

Having your own vehicle ensures independent mobility and supports participation in social life. For this reason, our foundation provides funding for expanded equipment options and vehicle conversions.
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Personal accompaniment

Travel is important for everyone, including Thalidomide-affected people. It plays a key role in enabling people to visit family and friends, experience new things, and leave their everyday routines behind. For people affected by Thalidomide, even taking a walk in their own neighbourhood can be challenging. For this reason, we provide support for travel and other activities outside the home.
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In recent years, we have expanded our commitment to include projects that meet other important needs for people affected by Thalidomide.

Peer-to-peer counselling in North Rhine-Westphalia

People with similar life experiences are best acquainted with the challenges, concerns and needs of affected people. For this reason, we support peer-to-peer counselling from the North Rhine-Westphalian state association. This association is staffed in part by people affected by Thalidomide. These peer counsellors listen to the concerns and fears of affected people, provide support for visits to government agencies or doctors, and help to complete applications. In addition, professionally trained counsellors are available to assist you.

For additional information, please visit the peer-to-peer counselling website. www.contergan-nrw-peer-to-peer.eu

The Grünenthal Foundation in dialogue

It is important to us to understand the current needs and concerns of affected people, in order to improve the assistance that we provide for them. This is why we regularly meet with representatives for affected people from various state and local associations. We present our support in person at representative meetings and at the Rehacare trade fair. We engage in discussions about the life situations of affected people, answer questions and listen to suggestions. In addition, we also spend time thinking about what support measures may be important in the future. Would you like to get in contact with us? If possible, we would be happy to visit your home. You can also visit us if you live nearby.
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Do you have questions or suggestions? Feel free to write us an e-mail or give us a call.

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