Kitchen and bathroom renovations

We all want a home where we feel safe and comfortable. However, living spaces are not usually designed for the specific needs of people with disabilities. By financing renovations and aids, we support you in improving the safety of your current living space or making a new living space safer before you move in.

Kitchens are more than just functional spaces. For many people, they are also a place for gathering with others and enjoying life together. We support you with aids that permit independent use of the entire kitchen. This includes features such as adapted work surface heights and the installation of kitchen appliances at eye level.

Daily hygiene in the home bathroom is difficult and time-consuming for many Thalidomide-affected people. We fund bathroom renovations that enable independent personal hygiene and, when necessary, permit adequate space for an assistant. We cover the installation of features such as ground-level showers with seats, wheelchair-compatible washbasins, shower toilets, and easily accessible closets.

We also cover other renovations such as the installation of electric skylights for easier ventilation, as well as light signal buttons or electric door locks that make it easier to lock and unlock the door of the home or apartment.

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In addition to international funding, we support Thalidomide-affected people with individual solutions. We seek to understand your individual needs and provide you with assistance where you need it most. The core of our work consists of providing aids that make life in your own home easier, promote contact with other people, or enable you to carry out your professional work activities. We are always open to your questions and suggestions. Feel free to contact us.
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