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Susanne Schmitt-Degenhardt

Contact for people affected by Thalidomide

"I have been working for the Grünenthal Foundation for seven years now. Personal talks with affected people are extremely important to me. I very much enjoy visiting events where we can get to know each other in an informal setting. My work is diverse and interesting because I learn something new in every conversation."

Phone +49 241 569 3699

E-Mail susanne.schmitt-degenhardt@grunenthal-stiftung.com

Tom Hermes

Contact for people affected by Thalidomide

"I have had the privilege of being able to accompany the implementation of support for Thalidomide-affected people right from the start. What began as individual forms of support in emergency situations has now become a broad-scale support programme run by a foundation that has been established specifically for this purpose. One very important aspect of our work is dialogue with affected people. Understanding that every life situation is different and that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions is one of the most important lessons I have learned from my work in the past few years."

Phone +49 241 569 2742

E-Mail tom.hermes@grunenthal-stiftung.com

Patrick Thevis

Contact for people affected by Thalidomide

"I have been working for the Grünenthal Foundation since October 2019. This has given me the opportunity to combine my professional activities with my strong commitment to social causes. Through the many personal discussions with affected people, I have developed a good understanding of their different life situations and daily challenges."

Phone +49 241 569 1258

E-Mail patrick.thevis@grunenthal-stiftung.com